Lois Fein



Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled to be sharing my music with you, and making my debut CD,
STEP INTO THE WATER, available to you online. Thanks for coming
to my website!

There’s lots to do here:

- Listen to music
- Read stories
- Join in the conversation
- Follow me on Twitter and Facebook
- Send a message via "Contact" 
- Buy my debut Cd - STEP INTO THE WATER
- Plan for the future

Plan for the future?  Yes, if you sign up on my email list at "Join
Fan Club," I can tell you when I’m playing in your area or
let you know when new songs are available.   

For the adventurous folks: contact me to set a date for a
“House Concert/Art Salon” in your home.*

Thanks for being here!



Here's how it works:

1. Invite some friends to your home.

2. I play music in the intimate setting of your living room while you
    and your friends eat dessert.

3. Then, for the second-half of the evening: I get to eat dessert,
    and your invited guests get to share THEIR art with others
    in the intimate setting of your living room.


The art can be completed works or works-in-progress, original or 
borrowed.  Maybe it’s a few measures of a homespun violin piece
or a stanza to a poem or a half-painted painting, a short story
abandoned to a desk drawer for a few years, a joke in search of
listeners, a story without an ending, or maybe it’s simply
a knitting project so fresh it's still attached to the needles. 

Whatever the art form, it’s the experience of being together
and sharing our art in a great setting amongst friends that makes
a “House Concert/Art Salon” such a hoot!  I’ll help you plan it. 
Please let me know if you're interested.  Thanks!