Lois Fein


Lois Fein


One of six children born into an opera-loving family, Lois Fein's love of music comes from watching her dad “air conduct” the New York Philharmonic from their living room as he listened to Tosca through his headphones and Bose speakers. 

“My dad taught me how to really LISTEN to music – get into your pajamas, lie on the couch, turn up the volume, and imagine you are in the center of all of that beauty,” says Lois.  “That’s what I do when I write songs and play – I get in sync with the Source.”

Lois discovered the magic of songwriting at a pivotal point in her life composing original contemporary folk music in open tunings on guitar with David Wilcox (see her Blog) and with John Stewart of the famed Kingston Trio. 

Lois currently lives on the east coast as a songwriter, painter, educator, and lover of life. 

Her musical goal for 2016 is to play in the pubs, streets, and coffeehouses of Bath, England and Edinburgh, Scotland - two cities she has fallen in love with.