Lois Fein


EarthSONG Singalong

Intergenerational song circle.

EarthSONG Singalong fosters creativity, community, love of the Earth, music, movement, storytelling, song, and other expressive arts.

Together, we share:

*  N
ature and earth-related songs (known, originals, and co-created)

*  Mixed-age music-making

*  Fun, hands-on, interactive experiences

*  Process-oriented music and songwriting, language and lyric play

*  Gentle movement for boosting brain, body, and balance

Come join in this singalong-hootenanny and celebrate our kinship with all life!  Explore your love of the Earth in the context of community - mindfully - through music, movement, storytelling and song.


To join a monthly EarthSONG Singalong near you

or to create an EarthSONG Singalong tailored to your family,  

school or community needs, please contact Lois Fein at: 

lois@loisfein.com or (206) 818-8078